Professor in Science Communication and Physics Education at Lund University.

From today, 1 January 2015, I am professor in Science Communication and Physics Education at Lund university. This implies an expansion of my position as director of NRCF – The Swedish National Resource Centre for Physics Education to include also time for research during the next couple of years.

The mission of NRCF is to ensure that teachers can find quality support for their physics teaching, both by providing support, through conferences, courses, material and social media, but also by supporting links between physics teachers and physicists, and through collaborations, including other resource centres and science centers. Time for research means more time to document and analyse evaluations and outcomes from different initiatives. During the last two years, I have been partially supported as a visiting Hedda Andersson professor at Lund university. The articles resulting from research and development at NRCF can be found at

Graduate schools for teachers

Since 2009, I have shared my time between the universities of Gothenburg and Lund. During 2014 three teachers finished their PhD studies in the science faculty at university of Gothenburg, after 8-9 years, when they have continued as teachers while spending half their time pursuing graduate studies in the graduate school CUL – Centre for Educational Science and Teacher Research: Helena Sagar, Ingela Bursjöö and Maria Ferlin all graduated within the subject Natural science: Educational science.

The new year 2015 marks the launch of a new graduate school at Lund university, in collaboration with the universities in Kristianstad, Halmstad and Malmö focusing on science communication, under the title: Science in School – School in Science: C-SiS. At total of 9 teachers will be financed by their schools and preschools to pursue graduate studies towards a licentiate thesis, at half speed during 4 years. In a couple of weeks, supervisor and students will meet for the first time during two intense days.

A Year of Light

IYL2015UNESCO has proclaimed 2015 as an International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. As one of the national contact points for Ljus2015, I have had the opportunity to meet actors from a wide range of resesarch and applications, and start to appreciate the deeply interdisciplinary character of the topic, which will be the theme of many activities during 2015. I thoroughly enjoy how the topic brings together my background in atomic physics with my current work supporting teachers, and also how the skills and experiences of my coworkers at NRCF will come into play in different projects during 2015.

I look forward to exciting collaborations in physics, science and communication during the year of light 2015.

spiralkaninWhat about rabbits?

Well, the Rabbit Land and Liseberg are part of Sweden. The new ride 2015, Mechanica,  (Zierer Star Shape) is full of physics applications, from simple rotation and pendulum motion to complex combinations of rotations around three axis. Assignments for Mechanica will be part of the program for a physics day at Liseberg in September, and also for engineering students in May. Smartphone measurements are feasible, but the interpretation will offer interesting challenges. An amusement park physics and technology day will also be arranged at Gröna Lund in September,  together with Vetenskapens Hus in Stockholm.

A spiral rabbit is featured on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Physics Education, illustrating forces while jumping on a trampoline e.g. in the Rabbit Land at Liseberg.

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