Quests for realities and presence

VR exhibits occupied a large space outside the IAAPA theatre during this year’s Euro Amusement Show, EAS18. Many of these exhibits were shooting arcades where (mostly) men ligned up to shoot aliens, enemies or friends, painting them red or turning them into virtual skeletons. For added immersion, shots to your own body could be felt through a vibrating vest.

Simulator movies with moving seats attracted long queues – so I moved on, having experienced that technology many times before, e.g. at EAS16. And even if the seats move they will not expose you to much more than 1 G.

A more unusual display showed a 2D roller coaster projection, where children could insert cars they had drawn themselves, and also. On request, the projection on the wall could also display photos of the child riding in the car they had drawn.

It was quite a welcome change to fly through Open Space with Anders Ynnerman, as part of a retirement symposium for Sten Salomonson a few days later. Anders was telepresent from Scotland, where he had found a spot close to a 3G mast. He ran the visualizations of real data, with the support of a coworker on site in Göteborg, letting us experience the universe in three dimensions, overcoming time and space. Anders showed how planet images were created from photos for probes flying close. Together we all “landed” on Mars covered with real images – so close that you could have seen a person on the ground.

I really believe that many people visiting different attractions would be more fascinated by the telepresence in real reality through 3D visualization techniques, than by immersion in a lonely fantasy world.

Still I jumped when the beatuful lifesize Genie from Sally moved and talked to me as I walked past – fairytales coming to life through technology!

I also had the opportunity to to talk about using amusement parks as learning environment together with Christina Høj from Tivoli and Andreas Theve from Gröna Lund, in a session coordinated by Robert Arvidsson from Liseberg. See a brief report from our session.

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