Diving into 2019

dropThe screen shots of the Valkyria dive shows the near free-fall acceleration during the dive. The accelerometer graph also shows that drop actually involves negative g’s to make the rider follow the nearly vertical track.

The screen shot sequence is one of this year’s experiments with different representations of the motions in amusement rides, to complement simulations, accelerometer graphs and motion tracking from videos as used, e.g. in the papers about the giant gyro swing Loke and the Star Shape Ride Mechanica published in 2018.

Following last year’s practice with a partial “advent-calendar” consisting of an Helix accelerometer graph with images,  I aimed this year for a full advent calendar, based on the Liseberg’s beautiful Christmas map. Looking closer at the start of the Helix ride revealed negative g’s – but only for the back seats – during the first drop out from the station, which can be seen both in accelerometer data and from an analysis of a movie from the start.station_ut2

One of the GoPro cameras from the Resource Centre, mainly intended for recording small-group classroom discussions was coming along for a ride in Valkyria during the press opening. With this photo from the ride I wish you all a save dive into the end of 2018 and happy emergence in 2019.

Happy New Year


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