2019 – Into retirement?

AM_LU_talarMy last working day, before mandatory retirement end of May, was spent in Lund Cathedral, during the promotion ceremony, as a host for Doctor Honoris Causa Stanley Micklawzina, with an afternoon full of latin for doctors, honorary doctors, jubilee doctors and even a jubilee honorary doctor: RB Ginsburg (albeit absent). I think that the photo, from the main university building, just before the ceremony is suitable to symbolise the exit. (Although I am sorry to have to confess that, like for my installation, it was unable to find a science faculty talar of moderate length, so I had to wear one from an other faculty, this time Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, where Stan could also have belonged with his theatric science performances.)

What do I do these days? I usually say that I practice being retired, but that I am not yet very good at it.  (I did volunteer for the European Choir Games in Gothenburg during the summer as a practice event.)

A privilege of being a professor is that you can become emeritus (or rather, emerita, profestrix emerita for purists). For upcoming papers, I have to remember to write “has been” rather than “is” director for the Swedish National Resource Centre – and I am very happy that Urban Eriksson is now finally appointed as my successor (and I continue with a fractional appointment as a “senior professor”).

After the formal retirement, I have been involved with amusement park teacher days and Edutainment days/Physics days at Gröna Lund and Liseberg, a small teacher day in Europa-Park, I have lectured in Australia, practiced visualizing magnetic fields in different parts of the world – and, of course visited amusement parks and analysed data from some of the rides.

Looking forward to another year of practicing being retired, starting with participation in the mathematics biennial in Växjö – talking, of course, about math in amusement rides, and how analysis of smartphone data can add to the learning. Since I first got in contact with these large math feasts for a few thousand teachers, from preschool to university level, during the 2000 biennial in Göteborg, I haven’t missed a single one. Another year of “retirement”, and derivatives and integrals in amusement rides.sequence_blur

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