Helix – a new roller coaster at Liseberg


Andreas Andersen greets Werner Stengel

See more pictures from the visit of Dr Stengel and family in connection with the Helix opening.

Press opening

am_helix_braidsOn April 23, few days before the official opening, the European Coaster Club (ECC) and the press had the opportunity to try Helix. In honor of the day, I put on helix braids, complete with Liseberg rabbits. I also brought along an accelerometer and measured the forces on the rider, middle, front and back.

Already, the week before, I was allowed to put an accelerometer on the front seat of an empty train. (View graphs of the resulting data and more about
Helix physics.)

From the Liseberg Helix blogg

( http://projekthelix.se/)

Other reports



Conferencing as a scientist

This text was written in 2000, during a sequence of two conferences in Italy, and arose from several discussions with several other participants, in particular with Jose Crespo López-Urrutia.


Conferences are an important aspect of scientific interchange, giving scientists opportunities to share the development and results of more and more refined experimental and theoretical techniques. The productivity of conferencing has not seen the same drastic development. Bad habits are tolerated and often passed on from old to young. The introduction of stronger feedback systems for speakers, chairmen and organisers would be one way to enhance performance, and various possibilities are discussed. Another important aspect is the opportunity to meet colleagues from other laboratories. This paper analyses the design of the scientific and social program with respect to optimal knowledge formation and mingling qualities, keeping the perspectives of both young and more experienced scientists in mind.

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